Wall Decals FAQ & Hints

While you may just want pretty decorative walls and not to know all there is to know about wall decals, the more you know about them, the more likely you will have a successful outcome and have lovely walls for years! 

Our wall decals/stickers are more than just for walls. Almost any non-porous surface is suitable - glass, mirror, doors, cupboards, fridges, laptops, etc.

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Safety First 

Important note:  some wall decals/stickers are small or if ripped may be small enough to become a choking hazard.  When deciding where to place your wall decals we recommend placing them away from baby's cot or where they can be reached by baby or child under the age of three. PLUS:  Removal requires slow and careful removing so as not to damage the walls - children rarely remove with care!  So avoid the risk of choking and damage to your walls by placing decals/stickers out of reach.

What surfaces can't I use wall stickers on?

  • Never use wall stickers on textured or porous surfaces. Using any of our wall stickers on textured or porous surfaces is outside our and our manufacturers recommendations.
  • Wash and wear paints or paints containing silicon/teflon (or other non stick ingredients) are generally unsuitable for wall stickers. This is not whether it is a matt, satin or gloss finish - it is about the ingredients added to the paint to avoid anything sticking to it - these paints will reject many wall stickers causing failure. It isn't the wall stickers failing as such but the paint working. It is therefore very important to know your paint surface and, if you do not, to test appropriately prior to applying wall stickers. Please contact us if you need samples. 

Will wall stickers damage my walls?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will not damage the wall on removal.  However we use the top quality removable Wall Art vinyl which are specially design for interior walls, and our wall stickers have been extensively tested and under normal wall conditions and careful removal they are unlikely to damage the surface. It is recommended to test in an inconspicuous place first. If you have freshly painted walls our recommendation is to wait at least a month to six weeks before applying this reduces the risk of damage on removal.

Wall Stickers should not be used on fragile paint/wallpaper, where there are any chips, cracks etc as the risk of damage too high. Walls should have an undercoat and two appropriately apply coats of paint. 

Please note: we don't know the condition of your walls and are not responsible for any damage caused during application or removal. Some touch ups to the paint may be required after the decals is removed. 

 What are Snug as a Bug's top tips to success?

The good news is there is much you can do to ensure your wall stickers work. Our top tips would be:
- ensuring that your walls are suitable for the type and brand of wall sticker you want to use

  • ensuring your paint has cured (check with your paint manufacturer but we would recommend
  • waiting 6 weeks)
  • test for as long as you can and only apply if no peeling is visable after at least 7 days.
  • only apply to clean, dry, smooth walls - dust is the arch enemy of any stickers!
  • take care not to overhandle the wall stickers
  • do not try reusing non reusable wall stickers (check with us if you are not sure if your stickers can be reused)
  • place away from heat and do not use in a room with fluctuating temperature or a room with lots of moisture
  • for the first week rub your new decal/wall sticker down daily to help the adhesive take hold
  • talk to us if you need advice and follow our recommendations below for which stickers to buy!

    Why do some wall stickers not stick?

    We have found that sometimes wall stickers will peel, however testing and following all our and the manufacturers instructions will reduce the risk of this happening. Often peeling occurs on textured walls or walls with paints with non stick properties - neither of which are recommended with our wall stickers/decals.

    It is recommended that you rub down your new wall art every day for a week after installing as this will help the bonding process and reduce the risk of peeling.

    Direct heat can cause the adhesive to soften so we do not recommend installing wall stickers by heat pumps or other heating appliances. Keep in mind that we recommend using a hairdryer to help remove wall stickers - a heat pump or similar will have the same impact on wall stickers!

    Applying to uncured paint can also cause the wall stickers to peel - please ensure that the paint is not just touch dry but cured by waiting at least a month prior to applying wall stickers.

    Ensuring your walls are clean and dry and not overhandling the wall sticker at the time of application is also important to ensure you do not compromise the adhesive.

    Can I reuse my wall stickers?

    Some ranges are reusable please check the brand information provided prior to purchasing. Large designs and applique/transfer type of decals/stickers are not able to be reused. Delicate and intricate designs may not be able to be removed easily and in one piece and may be damaged on removal. We do not recommend attempting to reuse these designs. If in doubt please ask.

    Can’t see your question here?
    Simply send us your questions and we will be more than happy to help.  While we cannot guarantee that the wall stickers/decals you purchase will work on your wall surface, we know that extensive testing has shown that with correct application they work very successfully - see our review page for many examples!