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Shape and pattern wall stickers - an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up any room. Dots on the wall, triangle wall decals, hearts wall decals, stars and more.

20 products found in Shapes

line pattern wall stickers
hand drawn line pattern wall stickers
  • $30.00
polka dot wall decals large
polka dot wall stickers
  • $20.00
rainbow polka dot wall decals - Snug as a Bug
multi colour rainbow polka dot wall stickers
  • $35.00
star wall decals
star wall stickers
  • $20.00
solid and outline triangle wall decals
solid and outline triangle wall stickers
  • $25.00
polka dot wall decal assorted size
assorted size polka dot wall stickers pack
  • $20.00
heart wall decals
love heart wall stickers
  • $20.00
triangle wall decals black
triangle wall stickers
  • $20.00
assorted size star wall decals
assorted size star wall stickers
  • $35.00
hand drawn dot wall decals
hand drawn irregular dot wall stickers
  • $29.00
hand drawn heart wall decals
hand drawn heart wall stickers
  • $29.00
assort size heart stickers
assorted size heart wall stickers
  • $35.00