About Us

Hi, welcome to Snug as a Bug.  The original Snug as a Bug website opened in 2002 and has had three make overs and grown quite a lot in those 19 years!

It can be a real joy putting your kids rooms together and creating a special room just for them and we love being part of this process with our customers.  Seeing your child's excitement and having them show off their room to visitors is such a treat but having them willing to go to bed is even better - although we can't make any guarantees on that or them keeping it tidy!

Now it is very important that I introduce you to Gus, adopted into the Snug as a Bug family a couple of years ago now.  We needed some help finding a name for him and many kids from around NZ took part in a colouring in/naming competition to help us.  Maxwell (4 years old) coloured in an amazing entry and suggested the name Gus, which we all felt suited our Bug down the to ground.  Maxwell won over $200 in prizes for his efforts.

If you require more information or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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