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The WordArt range has been a popular brand at Snug as a Bug for approx 8 years and are now made in house at Snug as a Bug!  We are very excited to be able to continue to offer this great, high quality range of decals and to extend it to offer new quotes, styles and options - all at new, lower pricing!

Snug as a Bug offers a money back guarantee on all WordArt wall decals - in the unlikely event that they fail to adhere to your walls (which has never happened yet!) we will refund your purchase, some conditions apply*.

* to be applied to smooth (non textured) internal, painted walls only, not guaranteed for use outside of this purpose. Please note: we cannot guarantee the condition of your walls and are not responsible for any damage caused during application or removal. Some touch ups to the paint may be required after the decals is removed.

For installation instructions click here.

Avoid using cleaners containing abrasives or alcohol.

Clean gently using a mild detergent and soft cloth or sponge.

When applying to newly painted walls, wait at least three weeks to avoid damaging painted surfaces.  Also the gasses released during the curing process can cause adhesives to fail.

WordArt wall decals are removable with heat for up to 3 years. To remove, gently lift with a fingernail and peel them off the surface at 180 degree angle. A warm hair dryer can help more stubborn lettering, or lettering which has been in place for a long time.

WORDS as ART are made of very thin pieces of vinyl and are therefore very delicate pieces of individual art so please handle with care.