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The Wall Sticker Company

What are wall stickers?
Our wall stickers are very thin fabric stickers made of polyester which will adhere to many surface including rendered and textured walls. They can be moved around many times, folded, scrunched and even washed without altering the adhesion. They are an instant way to decorate a wall or space and due to their movability our kid’s designs are a great interactive activity. Within minutes you can transform the look of a living area, bedroom or office space and give it an instant Wow factor.

Simply choose the design you like, and then just stick them to the wall. Intricate designs have a special application tape over the top to make arrangement so easy. And when you feel like a change, the wall stickers are easily removed without causing damage.

Wall Stickers are a great alternative to paint, wallpaper, or stencils because they have an element of the DIY; allowing one to design the wall or space, but without the permanency and mess – no fixtures or fittings required.

How do I apply them?
Our wall stickers are very easy to apply; you don't need any creative ability. You simply peel them off the backing paper and stick them to the wall.

For intricate designs, we apply a tape over the top so it is painless.

With your order you get full instructions. They are very simple and they’re easy to follow.

Will they work on my walls?
Our wall stickers are intended for flat, internal surfaces. They need to be clean and dry and in good condition ie no cracks, chips etc where the stickers are applied. They also need to be painted well - primed with an undercoat and at least 2 top coats of paint.

Freshly painted walls need to cure so please check your paint advisory centre for the cure time on your brand of paint.

Please ensure that you follow all instructions that come with your product.

Is the print finish matte or gloss?
Our fabric wall stickers have a gorgeous soft matte finish. They are very thin so they do look very flat on the wall.
What other surfaces can they be applied to?

Our wall stickers can be applied to a number of surfaces; such as ceilings, glass, mirrors, smooth metal like stainless steel and mirrors, tiles, plastic surfaces, fridges, furniture and rendered walls. So our wall stickers can update furniture and fittings, and your walls. Our stickers can also adhere to external surfaces but we recommend this be done for only short periods as the colour will fade.

Will they damage my walls if I move them around?
Nope! They are intended to be moved as many times as you like! You can take them with you when you move home or office; just re-apply the stickers to the backing paper and transport in the tube they arrived in (excludes intricate designs).

We do not suggest you stick them to walls in poor condition where the paint is chipped or cracked.

Please read the instructions which come with your product prior to application and removal.

How long can I leave them on my walls?
Our fabric wall stickers can stay on your walls for years. We believe in our product and testing has given excellent results but we cannot guarantee the longevity of our stickers on all surfaces.

Please remember to use a hair dryer when removing your wall stickers, especially if they have been up for an extended length of time.

I've had trouble with wall stickers peeling off - do yours do this?
Despite following all the instructions correctly, very occasionally some walls reject the wall stickers and they don’t stay adhered. This can be due to many factors; exposure to moisture, fluctuating temperatures, or the level of pigment and teflon in the wall paint used.

Are Your Wall Stickers Safe?
Yes, our wall stickers are safe to apply in nurseries and bedrooms. They are made from 100% polyester with an adhesive backing.  They are pvc free and BPA free.

Our wall stickers are non-toxic and have a low adhesion, however please do not leave them within reach of babies and small children.

We offset all the carbon emissions associated with our manufacturing process, so our wall stickers minimise carbon emissions. The tube and lids can be re-used and recycled.

Our fabric wall stickers are movable and removable and have a great, gentle adhesive that seems to stick so well and be removed without damaging your walls.  We have lots of customers concerned about their beautiful, new walls and will wall stickers damage their walls.  Rest assured, your walls will be adhered to so gently by our product.  They can be moved over and over and the adhesive doesn't harden over time like some inferior products. These wall stickers are not permanent but can stay adhered to your walls for years. On removal, please peel back gently. If you have any concerns about the condition of the wall, you can heat the stickers with a hair dryer to soften the stickers adhesive, and then remove.

View instruction video here: