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Speckled House Forwalls

Forwalls wall decals are easy to apply and remove, although there are a few things which can affect their suitability for your walls.  Please do not assume suitability based on previous wall stickers used, as all brands of wall stickers/decals have different properties and the manufacturers instructions must be followed correctly for the type of sticker/decal purchased.  If you have any concerns regarding suitability please contact us for further information.  Please also see our Wall Sticker - FAQ for more information on wall stickers/decals.


Test, test, test for suitability first!

We are unable to guarantee the wall stickers suitability for your wall surface.  We know however that in the vast majority of cases that the wall stickers work beautifully (see our Gallery Page for many examples!).  To test for suitability use the void material (white material surrounding the wall stickers) to create test samples (use a few samples and in different locations on the wall you intend to apply the wall stickers to).  Leave the sample in place for a month to ensure they are not rejected by the paint.  If you test the void material and they are not suitable for your walls please return the unused pack of wall stickers to Snug as a Bug for a refund.  The wall stickers must be unused and in perfect condition to quality for a refund (minus the void material).  Please contact us for further details.


How do I apply Forwalls decals?

  • Preparation is the key - plan your layout.

  • For the larger decals – a second pair of hands will be very useful.

  • Wipe over surface with a dry clean cloth to ensure there is no dirt or dust.

  • It is then as simple as “peel & stick” – once you have found your ideal surface and planned your layout.

  • Simply peel the design from the backing, place on the wall and work in a diagonal direction from top to bottom applying firm pressure in a rubbing motion for 10 seconds.

  • Smooth out any air bubbles by directing them to the edges.

  • Apply extra pressure to edges to stop any lifting.

Why won't my wall decals stick sometimes?

There can be many reasons why wall decals won’t stay put – some of the known causes are:


Wall preparation – the wall has not been properly cleaned or dry before applying the decal. 


Wall surface – our decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers and wash and wear paints (see details below).


Over handling – preparation, preparation, preparation that is the key when applying your new decal – each time you remove it from the wall or handle the adhesive, you could be reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive.   Forwalls Decals are not reusable and the adhesive will be compromised if reused.


Newly painted - you need to allow for 4 weeks after painting before putting your decal up.  The curing process releases gasses that may destroy the adhesive.


Paint choice –  Ensure the wall is properly prepared with a good quality undercoat.


Wash and Wear Paints - these type of paints are not recommended for use with Forwalls Wall Stickers.  These paints are designed for easy cleaning and to repel anything from sticking to them.  Unfortunately this can mean that they may reject some or all of the wall decals.  If you are not sure what type of paint you have test with the void material first to ensure suitability but Forwalls Wall Stickers are not recommended for use on wash and wear paints.


If you find your wall stickers starting to lift, simply apply more pressure more often to the decal once you have applied it to the wall. Rub over the decal each day for the first week or so. We cannot guarantee this will work for all paint types as we have no control over site conditions and paint quality.


If you are unsure of your wall suitability, we recommend you use a small sample of the white material around your decal as a test or contact us for a sample.  Please test for at least a month as paints can gradually reject wall stickers over time and initial adhesion will not ensure suitability.


Room Temperature – if your room suffers from extreme temperature changes – particularly heat, this can sometimes cause the adhesive to become soft and cause lifting.


None of the above? - as we cannot control or know every type of site condition or paint quality the fact is this can happen.  We cannot guarantee that the decals will work on your wall surface or that they will not damage your walls on removal, while extensive testing has been carried our to ensure our wall stickers perform as required, we cannot control the variances of wall surfaces or the application.

How do I remove Forwalls decals?

Slowly peel off the decal by gently pulling away from the wall.  If the decal offers any resistance, gently warm it with a hairdryer set on LOW and the continue peeling.


Are Forwalls decals moveable?

Our products are designed to be durable and removable, they are not reusable.  These wall stickers are reposition ONCE only and only at the time of initial application.  If you shift them again after they have started bonding the adhesive will be compromised and fail.

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