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Crystal Ashley

acm mdf colour

alumunium_ACM.jpgAluminium Composite Material (ACM)

ACM, is a strong and lightweight material. A non-aluminium core is bonded between two aluminium sheets and coated in various metallic, glossy and matte colours. Designs in ACM are versatile and durable and may be displayed both indoors and out.  



medium-density-fibreboard.jpgMedium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

MDF, is a versatile wood product, denser than plywood and normal particle board and is consistent in strength and size. It is environmentally friendly and is suited for indoor use only.




mirror-acrylic.jpgMirror Acrylic

A material that emulates an elegant mirror finish that is equal to actual glass mirror yet lighter and thinner. Best suited for indoor display and away from direct sunlight to prevent heat reflections.





Our blackboards, unlike traditional blackboards, are thinner and lighter. Durable for everyday use and accompanied by our colourful and vibrant liquid chalk pens, they are a fun and novel alternative to whiteboards and traditional blackboards.

ballerina art pegs
NZ $29.00 NZ $23.20 Save NZ $5.80  
fairy art pegs
NZ $29.00 NZ $23.20 Save NZ $5.80  
bmx wall art
NZ $18.00 NZ $9.00 Save NZ $9.00