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bedding - faq

1.     What size duvet do I need for a King Single Bed?

The correct size duvet for a king single bed is a double duvet cover or a king single duvet cover - they are in fact the same measurements of 180 x 210cm.  Some suppliers will label them a double and others a king single but the measurements are what counts and they are the same.  Often a duvet labelled king single will have just one pillowcase whereas a double will have two pillowcases (generally) which is always a bonus!

Even for a Single bed a Double can be a great size as it covers the sides more and makes the bed much more snug, especially in winter when you don’t want any cold air getting in!


2.     Do I use Double Sheets too on a King Single bed?

Double sheets do not fit a King Single bed and you need to purchase King Single sheets (if one is a fitted sheet).


3.      What are the duvet cover measurements?

Single: 140x 210 cm

Double: 180 x 210 cm

Queen: 210 x 210 cm


4.      What is the difference between a duvet cover, quilt cover, coverlet,  quilt?

A duvet cover and quilt cover are the same, they have an opening at the bottom to allow for the insertion of a duvet inner.

A coverlet and quilt is a quilted blanket, heavier and warmer than a duvet cover and does not allow for a duvet inner.


5.      Can Snug as a Bug order in a design not currently available on the website?

Yes, we have access to an amazing range of products and simply cannot list or stock them all but we are more than happy to order items in for you. So if you like a Freckles or KasKids etc range that we don’t have let us know and we will order it in for you if possible. Also if you simply cannot find a duvet cover in the right colours, style or theme just send us an email and we will search our suppliers ranges to see if we can find what you are looking for.


6.      Should I buy cotton or polyester?

This is a personal choice, cotton is more breathable and more absorbent and are considered to be a healthy option.  However, Poly/cotton blends are very easy care, require little or no ironing and are less expensive.

7.       Have we missed something?

Just pop us an email and we will be more than happy to assist in anyway we can.


*  Please note printed duvet covers & pillowcase may vary from the product photos depending on where in the fabric the items are cut from.