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Belly Art (Baby Made) baby print kits

Is the inkless print process messy?

NO! There is no messy ink or paint to clean up. Amazingly the wipe feels dry, so there is no actual ‘ink’ or liquid. The process only works with the Baby Made treated paper that is included in the kit.

Is it safe?

Yes! At Baby Made we pride ourselves on extensively researching our products and ingredients to ensure they are 100% safe and nontoxic. The Baby Inkless Print Kit adheres to all International Safety Guidelines and is used across US Maternity Hospitals on all new born babies. We do suggest wiping the area afterwards with a baby wipe or soap and water to remove any residue – although you won’t be able to see or feel it!

Can I keep the inkless wipe and use it at another time?

No the wipe should be used once it has been opened, and the same wipe is used for all four papers.

My Inkless wipe feels dry?

Yes the wipe will feel dry but this is normal. There is enough ink in the wipe to take 4 or more sets of prints

Will the print fade?

No the paper is archival paper and the print will not fade.

Does my baby have to be sleeping when I do the print?

No! You will need to hold the baby in your hands as shown on the you tube video. It is best if they are relaxed, after a feed is a good time to do the print.

What do I do with the prints?

You can store the print in the keepsake tin, frame it, stick one in your baby book or make some personalised gifts with it.